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Sept 25, 2019
Marin Art & Garden Center, Ross CA
8am-5:30pm, reception afterwards

RIDE YOUR BIKE! TAKE A BUS! WALK! CARPOOL! THERE WILL ALSO BE A SHUTTLE FROM COLLEGE AVE AT SFD BLVD AS PARKING IS LIMITED! It will be warm (92° forecast) and we will be outside for most of the afternoon in the garden, so dress cool and light. We will have shade from the trees and lots of umbrellas. Wear short sleeves, a hat, go casual, be comfortable.

The all-day Marin Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2019 promotes sustainable business practices in the North Bay, provides tools for companies in transition, showcases best practices and best companies, and connects business and community leaders to work on creating more sustainable, resilient organizations and communities. Attendees will learn and collaborate on:
—Latest Green Economic Development trends and opportunities around the North Bay
—What it takes to win business and brand loyalty from sustainability-minded customers
—Compelling case studies featuring bottom-line and market advantages
—Solution workshops – connecting business and community leaders
—Climate change, local sustainable food systems, traffic congestion, affordable housing
—Reducing income disparities, homelessness, serving Marin’s exploding senior population

just a few of the speakers and afternoon panels

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Not just a conference, it’s an impetus for change to empower people to be successful!

Your Experience: This is not your standard talking heads sage on the stage conference, we will have unconference time as well. Outcomes will include being informed, inspired, connected and activated. We do this through lots of time to interact with peers, experts, exhibitors and service providers. Within every session we will have time for table discussions where you will digest and reflect on what is relevant to you and your organization. Discussion will also include what is working and not, impediments to execution, and the resources and connections you need to accomplish your goals. Where possible, we will connect you to those resources at the conference.


With Marin’s rich history of environmental action it’s not surprising that a sustainability conference was successful. The VenturePad team brought together an inspiring list of prominent speakers and local leaders to discuss some of our community’s toughest problems, that’s the point of the conference. What was remarkable was the sense of community and the focus on solutions. If applause and enthusiasm are part of the solution, I was cured before lunch.
— Oren Wool, Founder, Sustainable Enterprise Conference Sonoma