Draft Program Summary (speakers added as confirmed)

9a-9:15a | Welcome
• Top Opportunities in Marin’s New Clean Economy
• Youth presentations on their new green businesses

Panel: Executing Climate Action Plans — Public Private collaborations that work. What is happening at a state and local govt level that will have big impact on business and communities in the areas of climate, resiliency, economic development? How can businesses prepare and take advantage of opportunities? What are the key elements of the county’s Drawdown Marin and Marin’s cities (San Rafael) for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. What should Marin’s Climate Moonshot be?

CEO Panel Discussion: Executives give their insights on the business case for sustainability. What are the top best practices in ops, product design and packaging, supply chain management, green certifications and metrics? What are the biggest impediments to sustainable practice execution? What are the other ‘‘currencies’’ besides financial (reputation, loyalty, talent attraction, carbon footprint) that go into sustainability initiatives? What are the next big opportunities they see in creating value?

11:15a-12p: Table Discussions on Lessons & Action Items to take back to their organizations

12- 1: LUNCH / Table Talks and Exhibitor Showcase

1-5pm: Workshops, connection tables

The Electrification of Everything. Our energy independence from fossil fuels requires moving to renewable sources and storage, microgrids, energy efficiency. Locally, what is working and not in this migration? What are the building ordinances/regs in effect and coming? What do enterprise leaders need to know to take advantage of the coming technologies and funding vehicles?

Mobility solutions: What will the impact be of the coming revolutions in automation, shared and electric vehicles; what are business owners and smart fleet owners doing to position their organizations? What do we need for charging infrastructure? What’s coming in mixed mode, first/last mile alternatives?

Circular and regenerative systems. How do they work, examples in the N Bay and their impact. Food and AG examples include the Marin Sanitary Services’ Food to Energy system, the Straus Family Dairy Farm, Extra Food, Fibershed. How can we make the recycling ecosystem and market work? How do we end single se packaging and plastics? What is the role of extended producer responsibility, biomimicry, and cradle to cradle models?

Climate Smart Planning for Housing, Risk Mgmt, Fire and Flood. Climate change is here, not in the distant future. What is the latest in vulnerability assessments for fire and sea level rise and how should enterprises and developers plan for them? How do we increase our commercial and ecological resilience in the face of these changes?

Healthy Soil-Healthy Communities. Marin is rated the healthiest county in the state. Much is related to our food system and healthy habits. What are we doing right and what do we still need to work on? What can we export and scale? What is the latest in organics, certifications, carbon farming and new initiatives in West Marin that is taking hold and making big waves? What is the next development in the farm to table movement.

Values-based Impact Investing. How can individuals, enterprises and public institutions put their money where their values are? Over 20% of assets under management now use sustainability filters and values based criteria and many are outperforming those funds who are not. This workshop identifies what you can do for your household and organization to align your values with your investments and retirement savings, pensions plans, community investments.

Sustainable Economic Development. What would a Green New Deal look like in Marin and the North Bay? How can we create market driven systems and incentives to bring more economic opportunity and good jobs with benefits to our underserved populations? How do we attract, expand and retain the companies we want and need? How do we increase our affordable housing stock so that Marin companies can afford the talent they need and be competitive?

Conscious Leadership and Companies. To transform our enterprises and communities, we as vulnerable humans and change agents must be resilient, mindful, and self caring. Then we can use many tools and practices to change our organizations’ culture, consciousness, and enhance our precious human capital. How do we best attract, retain, replenish our human resources?

Inspiring Solutions for a Greener Future in Marin.

Table discussions on takeaways for the day, and announce your action pledges to implement at your place of work, home etc. Discussion facilitators will connect you to the resources you need.

5:30 – 7p | NETWORKING RECEPTION, on the patio overlooking the course. EXHIBITOR SHOWCASE.