Our Mission

To educate and work with North Bay enterprises and the local community integrating environmental responsibility, sustainable business practices and economic and social equity issues to ensure a high quality life for future generations.


Housing, homelessness, equity, traffic, sea level rise, climate change, local economy, jobs, quality of life...

Marin County is one of the most resilient and sustainable communities in California. However, we are especially vulnerable to climate change such as sea level rise and drought. We also have social equity issues such as a lack of affordable housing and homelessness. Our roads are often choked with traffic and not just during ''rush hour'' anymore. 

In order to not only maintain but improve upon our quality of life in Marin based on a triple bottom line of people, planet and profits, we must disrupt ''Business As Usual'' and take a systemic approach to solving our local issues. It is our goal to act as a catalyst to bring business, government, nonprofits and the local community together, find synergies, and work together where we can and where we thought we couldn't, in order to transcend and transform enterprise as we know it, making it a consistent force for good.

One Planet Principles

As a general guideline, SEC Marin is using the intent of One Planet principles, which is a holistic approach to a sustainability agenda. See the graphic below.