An overview of latest happenings and a 5 year outlook at the CleanTech sector, what’s getting market traction and having impact, drivers and constraints, top developments and initiatives in Marin driving the emerging clean economy.

1) Renewable Energy and Storage

  • Latest developments, opportunities, local success stories in solar, wind and methane digesters. (Redwood Landfill, Cooley Quarry, SR Airport, Cost Plus)
  • Design, project management, financing options
  • Impacts of new tariffs, incentives, MCE feed in tariff and distributed solar programs
  • Energy storage options at residential, commercial, school and local governmental buildings. Design, switching, financial feasibility. Tesla and other leading solutions.

2) The Coming Three Transportation Revolutions: Steering Automated, Shared and Electric Vehicles to a less congested, clean future

  • Electric cars, trucks, mass transit-approaching the tiping point: today and the 5 year outlook. To what extent, and at what speed, might our transportation networks electrify? What are the detectable signals today that EV’s time has truly arrived? Where might an electric mobility future take us? What must Marin do for its Charging Station infrastructure?
  • Getting mobility solutions beyond pilots into commercial operations, while also addressing how the emerging business models and technology support the broader public good.
  • Shared Mobility. How can Marin drive car sharing, mass transit adoption, and decrease the 75% incidence of single rider vehicles during the day?
  • Immediate steps to a shared and/or automated electric vehicle fleet for your enterprise.
  • The Business Case for shared mobility as a service
  • Will these revolutions make our lives better or worse? 

3) Smart, Net Zero Energy Buildings: Lessons for Marin’s Built Environment

  • Financing Distributed Solar and Energy Efficiency. How do building owners and property managers measure the highest ROI on energy improvement investments? What are best financing options: PACE, PPA’s, purchase, leasing, others?
  • Beyond Green Buildings — In search of the next generation of green architecture building by a leading green architect and builder and winners of national awards for sustainable design and low carbon building.  
  • Sonoma Community MicroGrid Initiative — case study of what Sonoma County is doing to rebuild a resilient grid in the wake of the Sonoma Fires. These include solar rooftops, storage, EV charging, neighborhood microgrids independent of the grid at large.