Program Schedule — Sustainable Enterprise Conference Marin

Check out exhibitors showcasing sustainability programs, products and services that can help you achieve your sustainability strategy.

9:00a – 12:00p | MORNING KEYNOTES — San Rafael Ballroom
Our morning keynotes:
Chris Yalonis co-chair SEC Marin, welcome and day's preview
Larry Tackett, co-chair SEC Marin, MC and introductions
Marin Supervisor Damon Connolly, welcome
US Representative Jared Huffman video welcome

Dawn Weisz—Marin Clean Energy: A 10 year retrospective and what the future holds
Albert Straus–Straus Dairy: Lessons from The Organic Dairy Revolution
Tom Steyer—CEO NextGen America: Climate Championship - Progressing Sustainability in the face of Trumpism

10:30a-10:45 — BREAK (coffee, tea and breakfast sundries) in the ballroom foyer.

10:45a-11:15a: Executive Round Table - moderated by Dean Bill Silver, Sonoma State University, School of Business & Economics 

  • Dawn Weisz, CEO of MCE
  • Albert Straus, CEO and Founder, Straus Family Creamery
  • Brad Black, Co-CEO, EO Products
    • Progressing Marin’s Sustainability Agenda in the Age of trump.
    • Climate Business Opportunities
    • The business case for reducing our carbon footprints in our homes, neighborhoods, organizations and communities
    • How Marin enterprises are lowering their GHG emissions while cutting costs, increasing sales and enhancing their brands

11:15a-12p: Audience Table Discussion on Lessons and Action Items to take back to your community. Record on flip chart and report back to main group.

12:00 – 1:00p | NETWORKING LUNCH (provided), buffet in the San Rafael Ballroom
Choose a sustainability challenge and connect with like-minded individuals for a round-table discussion. Tables will be labeled and hosted by a subject matter expert. Plus, check out our exhibitor showcase in foyer halls.



There are 5 parallel tracks for each of our afternoon sessions. Choose to follow one track or move about as you please:

Best Practices Track: Learn from local and regional leaders sharing examples and lessons to scale impact.

Solutions: Dive into local sustainability challenges and develop solutions for each focal topic.

Innovators: Hear from local organizations developing impact solutions.

Transforming Business & Leadership: Understand how to build your company, brand and a values based internal culture through peer collaboration, cause marketing and leadership.

Advanced Sustainability:  Deep Dives by individual expert practitioners.

1p – 1:50p

Best Practices | The Business Case for Sustainability.  Session Leader: Susan Hopp, B-Sustainable Strategies; Chris Urban, Urban Painting and Waterproofing; Graham Driver, Driver's Market; Simone Earnhardt, Heath Ceramics.  
Petaluma Room

Innovators | Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems: Organic, non-GMO, farm to table and Ag-tech solutions. Session Leader Janet Brown, All Star Organics; John Wick, Marin Carbon Project; Mark Squire, Good Earth; Albert Straus, Straus Family Creamery.
>Ross Room

Transforming Business & Leadership | Principles of Conscious Business & Leadership: Understand how values guide your business and increase performance and retention when you achieve buy-in. Mark Nelson, former CEO, Nelson Companies. Paul and Carol Benson, It Doesn't Feel Like Work.
>Santa Rosa Room

Solutions:  Homelessness | Session Leader Andrew Hening. Logan McDonnell, Downtown Streets Team. Christine Ness, HomeShare Marin. Cynthia Swan, Marin Housing Authority. 
>Novato/Larkspur Room

Advanced Sustainability:  Voice of Gaia, David Ferrera.
>Tiburon Room

1p – 2:50p

Solutions | Climate: Understanding the County Climate Action Plan.  Identifying key solutions, business opportunities and addressing sea level rise.
>Mill Valley / Sausalito Room

  • What’s Next for Climate Action in Marin? Sea Level Rise and Other Climate Impacts in Marin - Chris Choo, Project Manager, Marin BayWave.
  • Climate Action Plans in Marin, Christine O’Rourke, Marin Climate & Energy Partnership. 
  • Upcoming Climate Actions at City Hall, Bill Carney, President, Sustainable San Rafael.
  • New Frameworks for Community Engagement, Cory Bytof, Sustainability Coordinator, City of San Rafael.
  • Table Time: 5 Climate Actions You Can Take Today, Audience.
  • Interactive Panel: What’s Marin’s Next Big Climate Idea? Cory Bytof, moderator. Marin Supervisor Damon Connolly; Leslie Alden, Aide to Supervisor Kate Sears; David Kunhardt, CEO, SolEd Benefit Corporation; Christine O’Rourke, Bill Carney.

2:00 – 2:45p
Best Practices"Waste" - Policies, Opportunities, and Why it Matters to all Businesses; Todd Sutton, Waste Sleuth; Judith Silver, Zero Waste Marin; Kim Scheibly, Marin Sanitary Service.
>Petaluma Room

Solutions | Growing Older and Bolder in Marin. Session Leader: Gloria Dunn; Ruth Schwartz, Respecting Our Elders; Linda Jackson, Aging Action Initiative; Patricia Stoliar, Age-Friendly Corte Madera. 
>Novato Room

Innovators | Building Brands and Loyalty. Session Leader William Grace Frost; Gretchen Grani, Guayakí; Maureen McHugh, Equator Coffee; Brad Black, EO Products.
>Ross Room

Transforming Business & Leadership | Leading In Times of Uncertainty - How to Foster Leadership Presence and Creativity in Self, Organization, and Society. Jeff Barnum, presenter, Magenta Studios. Other presenters TBD.
>Santa Rosa Room

Advanced Sustainability | Mastering Leadership Alignment: Linking Value Creation to Cash Flow, with Jahn Ballard. Tiburon Room.

3:00 – 3:50p
Best PracticesESG/Impact Investing: Align Your Investments with Your Values. Session Leader Megan Morrice; Patrick Costello, Dale Wannen and Rose Penelope Yee.
>Petaluma Room

Solutions | Equity and Career Paths: Addressing income disparity, homelessness solutions, and creating workforce pathways. Session Leader Jesse Madsen; Janet Franklin, Kaiser Permanente; Logan McDonald, Downtown Streets Team; Krista Stinson, YesWeCode.
>Ross Room

Innovators | Local renewable energy production. Session Leader David Kunhardt; Lindsay Saxby, MCE; Bob Herbst, San Rafael Airport; Robert Gould, SolarCraft; Austin Campbell, UC Berkeley Wind Project.
>Mill Valley/Sausalito Room

Transforming Business & Leadership | Systems Thinking: Practical Actions to Shift the Paradigm.  Session Leader Michael Giotis; Oren Wool, Founder, Sustainable North Bay; Felicia Chávez, Sustainability and Spirituality; Caleb Bushner, Free Range. Santa Rosa Room.

Advanced Sustainability | Branding Innovation. William Grace Frost.
>Tiburon Room

3:00 – 4:50p
Solutions | Affordable Housing: Increasing stock, non-Building Alternatives, Addressing Traffic and Parking Challenges
Introduction, Bob Brown.
Affordable Housing Multi-Units: Session Leader Linda Jackson; Doug Elliot, Finance. Rick Williams, Design. Lisel Blash, Public Outreach. 
Housing Single Unit Panel — Repurposing Existing Stock. Session Leader Rachel Ginis, LilyPad Homes; Christine Ness, Share Marin Managing Director; Caitlin Metzger-Seig, Realtor and Co-living Specialist; Eva Craig, Director of Design and Project Development, LilyPad Homes; Nicole Poole, Mortgage Lending Manager, Redwood Credit Union.
Call To Action:  Cynthia Murray, North Bay Leadership Council.
>Novato/Larkspur Room

4:00 – 4:50p
Best Practices | Certifications: Marin Certified Green Business Program and B-Corps. Session Leader Alex Stadtner; Dana Armanino, County of Marin; Heather Paulson, Consultant; Jonathan Storper, Hanson Bridgett.
>Petaluma Room

Solutions | Transportation: Emerging Technologies, Infrastructure Updates, Driverless Vehicles and Reducing Environmental Impact. Session Leader Molly Graham, TAM; Carleen Cullen, Cool the Earth; Jon Haveman, Marin Economic Consulting; Derek McGill, TAM.
>Mill Valley/Sausalito Room

Innovators | Carbon Drawdown: Marin climate innovators applying solutions from Paul Hawken’s latest book, project Drawdown, offering the world’s top solutions to reverse global warming. Session Leader Leslie Alden, Aide to Supervisor Kate Sears; Tamra Peters, Resilient Neighborhoods; Chad Frischmann, Drawdown; Torri Estrada, Carbon Cycle Institute.
>Ross Room

Transforming Business & LeadershipCommunity Impact — Creating an Idea Whose Time Has Come: How to Impact Your Community for Good. Session Leader Larry Tackett, Konda Mason, co-founder, Impact Hub Oakland; Trathen Heckman, ED, Daily Acts; Josh Fryday, Novato City Council.
>Santa Rosa Room

Advanced Sustainability | Rachel Wahlberg, Papillon Transformative Consulting. Finding the Gaps in Your Business: Navigating Uncertainty. Systemic Thinking Collaboration Tools.
>Tiburon Room

Inspiring solutions for a greener future in Marin. James Redford, Filmmaker/Director, Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution. San Rafael Ballroom.

5:15 – 7p | NETWORKING RECEPTION, on the patio off the foyer.  EXHIBITOR SHOWCASE. Don't miss our amazing exhibitors!