(break stations with refreshments available throughout the afternoon)

Immediately below are 5 parallel tracks for each of our afternoon sessions. Choose to follow one track or move about as you please from track to track (or room to room).  More detailed descriptions follow subsequently for each session:

BEST PRACTICES Track: Learn from local/regional leaders sharing examples and lessons to scale impact.

SOLUTIONS: Dive into local sustainability challenges and develop solutions for each focal topic.

INNOVATORS: Hear from local organizations developing impact solutions.

TRANSFORMING BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP: Understand how to build your company, brand and a values based internal culture through peer collaboration, cause marketing and leadership.

ADVANCED SUSTAINABILITY:  Deep Dives by individual expert practitioners.

1p – 1:50p

Best Practices | The Business Case for Sustainability.  Session Leader: Susan Hopp, B-Sustainable Strategies; Chris Urban, Urban Painting and Waterproofing; Graham Driver, Driver's Market; Simone Earnhardt, Heath Ceramics.  
>Petaluma Room

Sustainability is a key strategy for all organizations. Not only a driver for success whether for financial reasons, competitive differentiation, risk analysis, or stakeholder mandate, it is an imperative to meet today's needs and challenges. Fortunately, making the business case for sustainability is not difficult. 

Innovators | Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems: Organic, non-GMO, farm to table and Ag-tech solutions. Session Leader Janet Brown, All Star Organics; John Wick, Marin Carbon Project; Mark Squire, Good Earth; Albert Straus, Straus Family Creamery.
>Ross Room

Agriculture is Marin's biggest industry and is 50% of our land use. Marin has been a national leader in open space conservation, land trusts, organic dairies, farm to table movement and organic food policy. What are the lessons of the past 40 years? What's next for Marin's Ag and Food Systems? What are thought-leading farmers and food marketers doing to advance sustainable Ag and food systems in the North Bay?

Transforming Business & Leadership | Principles of Conscious Business & Leadership: Understand how values guide your business and increase performance and retention when you achieve buy-in. Mark Nelson, former CEO, Nelson Companies. Paul and Carol Benson, It Doesn't Feel Like Work
>Santa Rosa Room
Leading your Way through the Work/Life Energy Crisis: Mark will share the framework and navigational tools from his recently published book, Way of Zing, A Guide to Aligning Work & Life, introducing the Quadruple Bottom Line Sustainable Business Leadership Made Easy: Carol and Paul make it easy with lively talk about nine areas of leadership you can use immediately.

Solutions:  Homelessness | Session Leader Andrew Hening. Logan McDonnell, Downtown Streets Team. Christine Ness, HomeShare Marin. 
>Novato/Larkspur Room

Homeless residents in Marin are estimated to be between 1,770 and 6,000. This is compounded by high housing and land costs and the difficulty of finding affordable housing sites. The economic downturn has added pressure on families and individuals struggling to make ends meet in a county that has the highest per-capita income in California—with a high cost of living. The panel will discuss what is being done to address the homeless issue.

Advanced Sustainability:  Listening to the Voice of Gaia, David Ferrera.
>Tiburon Room

This interactive talk blends deep emotion and satire to help audiences experience themselves as more capable to make real change, because they are more emotionally/intellectually connected to the living Earth. Humans are capable of stewarding our life support systems, if we are both mirthful, and aware.

1p – 2:50p

SOLUTIONS | CLIMATE CHANGE: 2 hour session — Identifying key challenges, solutions, business opportunities and addressing sea level rise. The next 6 bullet points all pertain to this session.
>Mill Valley / Sausalito Room

  • What’s Next for Climate Action in Marin? Sea Level Rise & Other Climate Impacts — Chris Choo, Project Manager, Marin BayWave.
    Marin municipalities have mostly met the state’s initial goal of reducing greenhouse gas to 1990 levels. What new actions are needed now to reach California’s 2030 target of 40% reductions? And what’s the long-term path to achieving zero-net carbon emissions in Marin? How can business help—and be helped—along the way?
  • Climate Action Plans in Marin. Christine O’Rourke, Marin Climate & Energy Partnership. 
    Marin municipalities have mostly met the state’s initial goal of reducing greenhouse gas to 1990 levels, thanks to Climate Change Action Plans in the County and all 11 towns. Learn what’s been successful and what still needs to be done for 2020 and beyond.
  • Upcoming Climate Actions at City Hall. Bill Carney, President, Sustainable San Rafael.
    What new actions are needed now to reach California’s 2030 target of 40% reductions? And what’s the long-term path to achieving zero-net carbon emissions in Marin? How can business help—and be helped—along the way?
  • New Frameworks for Community Engagement. Cory Bytof, Sustainability Coordinator, City of San Rafael.
    The City of San Rafael has a robust community engagement process that brings together a wide range of community members concerned about the planet. This process allows for creative public discourse, and informs policy decisions and priorities related to sustainability. In addition, San Rafael employs cutting-edge strategies to encourage residents and businesses to adopt sustainable behaviors. Learn about the City’s platform and find out how they received the first-ever Beacon Award for Sustainability.
  • Table Time: 5 Climate Actions You Can Take Today, Audience.
    This is your chance to learn about some of the most impactful actions you or your business can take, and enact them here in real-time. Visit our 5 Climate Action Tables and pick the one (or more!) that is right for you. Hosted by MCE Clean Energy, Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association, Green River Financial Services, Marin Sanitary Service, and the Marin County Energy Watch Partnership.

  • Interactive Panel: What’s Marin’s Next Big Climate Idea? Cory Bytof, moderator. Marin Supervisor Damon Connolly; Leslie Alden, Aide to Supervisor Kate Sears; David Kunhardt, CEO, SolEd Benefit Corporation; Christine O’Rourke, Bill Carney.
    Marin County is known for originating earth-friendly programs that have been adopted by others. From community-choice renewable electricity to organic farming, to ranchland carbon sequestration and fossil fuel lawsuits as examples, Marin has been at the forefront of innovation. As a small county our real impact is in programs that can be ‘scaled up’ across the country. Join the conversation with some of our preeminent thought leaders and help incubate our next Big Thing.

2:00 – 2:45p
Best Practices | "Waste" - Policies, Opportunities, and Why it Matters to all Businesses; Todd Sutton, Waste Sleuth; Judith Silver, Zero Waste Marin; Kim Scheibly, Marin Sanitary Service. 
>Petaluma Room
The landscape of waste is changing rapidly and dramatically based on economics, market & stakeholder demand, and municipal policies & regulations. This represents opportunities and risks for all organizations. In this engaging session, you will learn how to navigate this evolving landscape - to advantage. Recycling, reuse, compostables, waste to landfill - gain a fresh perspective on what comprises our waste stream.

Solutions | Growing Older and Bolder in Marin. Session Leader: Gloria Dunn; Ruth Schwartz, Respecting Our Elders; Linda Jackson, Aging Action Initiative; Patricia Stoliar, Age-Friendly Corte Madera. 
>Novato Room
In just five years, one in three people in Marin will be over 60. Sustainability, resilience and resources are at the heart of aging well. Hear about the Aging Action Initiative, eradicating hunger in older adults and the age-friendly movement. What else can we do to create a smaller Marin footprint?

Innovators | Building Brands and Loyalty. Session Leader William Grace Frost; Gretchen Grani, Guayakí; Maureen McHugh, Equator Coffee; Brad Black, EO Products.
>Ross Room
We know it’s important to start from a foundation of strong core values and then to build a business that’s steadfastly in alignment with those values, but then where do we go from there? As we work to build a sustainable brand with a loyal customer base, what are the keys to success? Join these inspiring executives for a lively panel dialogue on building brand strength and loyalty.

Transforming Business & Leadership | Leading In Times of Uncertainty - How to Foster Leadership Presence and Creativity in Self, Organization, and Society. Jeff Barnum, presenter, Magenta Studios. Other presenters TBD. 
>Santa Rosa Room

Jeff has helped business, government, and civil society leaders address challenges such as peace, national futures, energy, child protection, violence, prosperity, climate, disabilities, and drugs. After two decades of work on wicked problems around the world, he realized that all of them stem from mental and spiritual causes. Join Jeff for this lively, artistic inquiry into the real roots of our many crises and how we can, as conscious leaders, rise to the challenges they present.

Advanced Sustainability | Mastering Leadership Alignment: Linking Value Creation to Cash Flow, with Jahn Ballard. 
>Tiburon Room

Integrating Ecological Accounting, Resource Throughput and Triple Bottom Line Metrics with standard financial reporting, Jahn's work since being a Board member at EarthMind in the 70’s, and with this focus since presenting Ecological Accounting with Gil Friend (Industrial Ecology #4, 2000, UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business).

3:00 – 3:50p
Best Practices | ESG/Impact Investing: Align Your Investments with Your Values. Session Leader Megan Morrice; Patrick Costello, Dale Wannen and Rose Penelope Yee. 
>Petaluma Room
You already do a lot to embed sustainability into your business, but are you aligning your money with your social and environmental impact goals? We will discuss aligning internal practices with your organization's mission including sustainable banking and 401k options. We will also discuss some of the myths about ESG investing.

Innovators | Equity and Career Paths: Pathways for Disadvantaged Groups. Session Leader Jesse Madsen; Janet Franklin, Kaiser Permanente; Logan McDonald, Downtown Streets Team; Krista Stinson, YesWeCode. 
>Ross Room

Exploring programs that provide accessible career pathways and training for those who need it most. Presenting programs include Kaiser Permanente's high school Medical Assisting class/internship, #YesWeCode, and the San Rafael Downtown Streets Team. Presenters will share what makes these programs successful and how they foster equity in career pathway development.

Solutions | Local renewable energy production. Session Leader David Kunhardt; Lindsay Saxby, MCE; Bob Herbst, San Rafael Airport; Robert Gould, SolarCraft; Austin Campbell, UC Berkeley Wind Project. 
>Mill Valley/Sausalito Room
Renewable Energy Innovations. Hear from a San Rafael business that has participated in the MCE Feed-In-Tariff program, a Novato business that has been developing solar and related solutions for 33 years, an MCE manager of new power contracts, and a renewable energy finance representative about real steps taken, and available actions, to transition your business into a more sustainable operation, and to save money using renewable energy. Hear, too, about programs that are around the corner, which are business opportunities.

Transforming Business & Leadership | Systems Thinking: Practical Actions to Shift the Paradigm.  Session Leader Michael Giotis; Oren Wool, Founder, Sustainable North Bay; Felicia Chávez, Sustainability and Spirituality; Caleb Bushner, Free Range. 
>Santa Rosa Room
Members of this panel each work in their own way to shift the paradigm toward sustainability. We will explore the obstacles and mechanics of shifting the paradigms of organizations, economics and individual behavior—in short, civilization writ large. Donella Meadows' leverage points and Thomas Kuhn's radical unknowability of emerging paradigms will be discussed before we will circle back to highlight success strategies for practical engagement and shifting the context in the current political and regulatory climate.

Advanced Sustainability | Tools For Jumpstarting Your Sustainable Product Development. William Grace Frost. 
>Tiburon Room
We all want innovation and we all want sustainability... but where to begin? This will be a highly interactive workshop combining tools and techniques of facilitated corporate ideation with sustainability principles. Working with the 'fuzzy front end' of the new product development process, utilizing the best creative problem-solving practices from the world of corporate innovation. Learn the tools, apply them for the beginnings of your new triple bottom line idea(s).

3:00 – 4:50p
Solutions | 2 HOUR Session:  Affordable Housing: Increasing stock, non-Building Alternatives, Addressing Traffic and Parking Challenges. Introduction, Bob Brown.
>Novato/Larkspur room  

The following 3 bullet points pertain to this session:

  • Affordable Housing Multi-Units: Session Leader Linda Jackson; Doug Elliot, Finance. Rick Williams, Design. Lisel Blash, Public Outreach.
    There have been many challenges to building Affordable Housing in Marin. The Panel will discuss the need for increasing stock, non-building alternatives, and addressing Traffic and Parking Challenges.The recent fires in Sonoma and Napa had a big impact on first responders being able to respond to Marin's needs because many of them live in the fire zone areas. It has also disrupted the lives of many employees who live in these counties and work in Marin. The need for affordable housing has been highlighted by this tragedy.
  • Housing Single Unit Panel — Repurposing Existing Stock. Session Leader Rachel Ginis, LilyPad Homes; Christine Ness, Share Marin Managing Director; Caitlin Metzger-Seig, Realtor and Co-living Specialist; Eva Craig, Director of Design and Project Development, LilyPad Homes; Nicole Poole, Mortgage Lending Manager, Redwood Credit Union. 
    We will discuss shared housing and accessory dwelling units as viable ways to create homes and provide greater security and affordability for homeowners and renters. We'll also address remaining obstacles to fully realizing this potential.
  • Call To Action:  Cynthia Murray, North Bay Leadership Council.

4:00 – 4:50p
Best Practices Certifications: Marin Certified Green Business Program and B-Corps. Session Leader Alex Stadtner; Dana Armanino, County of Marin; Heather Paulson, Consultant; Jonathan Storper, Hanson Bridgett. 
>Petaluma Room
The panelist will explain the value and process for becoming a Marin Certified Green Business. And the purpose of becoming a B Corps which are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Solutions | Transportation: Emerging Technologies, Infrastructure Updates, Driverless Vehicles and Reducing Environmental Impact. Session Leader Molly Graham, TAM; Carleen Cullen, Cool the Earth; Jon Haveman, Marin Economic Consulting; Derek McGill, TAM. 
>Mill Valley/Sausalito Room
The future of transportation is rapidly changing. There are exciting and innovative technologies and solutions on the horizon that present the opportunity to improve mobility options, reduce our need for car ownership, strengthen our communities and protect our environment. This panel will explore the economic, social and environmental changes currently unfolding; from the growing adoption of shared mobility and electric vehicles to the future of autonomous vehicles.

Innovators Carbon Drawdown: Marin climate innovators applying solutions from Paul Hawken’s latest book, project Drawdown, offering the world’s top solutions to reverse global warming. Session Leader Tamra Peters, Resilient Neighborhoods; Chad Frischmann, Drawdown; Jeff Creque, Carbon Cycle Institute. 
>Ross Room
Marin County has made a commitment to being carbon free. We will learn about Project Drawdown's scope from its lead researcher and the 5 strategies that will reduce our carbon footprint. Resilient Neighborhoods' founder will share with us what individuals can do to be a part of the solution by joining together with family, neighbors and friends to reduce personal carbon emissions. The Carbon Cycle Institute will elucidate on carbon farming as a key opportunity to address climate. We will leave with a better understanding of how we all can participate and make a difference.

Transforming Business & Leadership | Community Impact — Creating an Idea Whose Time Has Come: How to Impact Your Community for Good. Session Leader Larry Tackett, Konda Mason, co-founder, Impact Hub Oakland; Trathen Heckman, ED, Daily Acts; Josh Fryday, Novato City Council. 
>Santa Rosa Room

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Reversing global warming is our greatest challenge as a species. Do we stand together to meet this challenge or do we continue on as we have been. We can learn from our panelists on how they have transformed their government, cities, society and industries to become leaders in sustainability, social justice, and create jobs and opportunities for all.

Advanced Sustainability | Rachel Wahlberg, Papillon Transformative Consulting. Finding the Gaps in Your Business: Navigating Uncertainty. Systemic Thinking Collaboration Tools. 
>Tiburon Room
During this hands-on workshop, you will learn new ways to engage and give stakeholders a voice to help you learn what you don’t know that you need to know. We will share experiences from business leaders like you that show how to navigate uncertainty. Plus we will explore practical techniques and tools to help address Marin’s small and medium business issues.

Inspiring solutions for a greener future in Marin. James Redford, Filmmaker/Director, Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution. 
>San Rafael Ballroom

5:15 – 7p | NETWORKING RECEPTION, on the patio off the foyer.  EXHIBITOR SHOWCASE. Don't miss our amazing exhibitors!