Please fill out the form (bottom of page) if you are interested in speaking, recommending a speaker and/or holding a panel at the Marin Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2017. Click here to see the agenda topics.

The Marin 2017 SEC is an event where business, academia, NGOs, government and the public will connect and explore key issues, tools and trends impacting business, sustainability and quality of life.

We’re looking for fresh, inspiring presentations that harness crowd-sourced intelligence, interactivity, actionable solutions and a variety of viewpoints. Speaker topics need to be highly relevant to our agenda topics of sustainability as it pertains to equity, economics and the environment. 

Effective Marin SEC presentations don't just address the "what", but they also address the "how" and "why." Don't assume your talk has to be powerpoint or even slideshow based. There are other equally or even more effective formats for presentations. Attendees should leave with a-ha moments that they can immediately implement at work, in the field, at home, in their neighborhoods, etc.

Please submit your nomination asap since speaker slots are going quickly. Submission deadline is October 1.

If you decide not to speak, we hope you bring several friends with you to the conference anyway.

SUGGEST A SPEAKER: Do you know someone who would make a great Marin SEC speaker? Please fill out the form below.


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