Click on the button to purchase tickets.

There are 5 levels of tickets to choose from:

STUDENT — $39:  Must be enrolled at least part time in a high school, junior college, or pre-grad or post-grad at a university.

EDUCATOR  — $65:  Must be a professional in education.

MICROBIZ —  $139:  For individuals representing organizations with 5 employees or less.

INDIVIDUALS — $118: For individuals who want to attend that are not necessarily representing organizations.

ENTERPRISE — $179:  This is for organizations with more than 5 employees. This includes one pass to all keynotes, all panel break-outs, lunch and the reception afterwards. It also includes an enterprise listing on this website (if purchased at least 1 week prior to the event). This is for both private and public sectors.

NONPROFIT — $92:  Tickets for representatives of nonprofit organizations. 

OFFSET:  Those who would like to offset their ticket price based on need, can apply as a volunteer here.