Enabling Technologies for Marin’s New Clean Economy.

Saturday, April 6, 9-1pm at VenturePad, 1020 B St, San Rafael, CA 94901.
Ticketing options coming soon, stay tuned!

Summit Objectives

This half day gathering of leaders in business and agencies, cleantech executives, and new economy activists in Marin, seeks to:

  • Promote, inform, inspire and activate business and cleantech leaders to propel a clean economy in Marin
  • Gather clean technology’s most influential leaders  in the Bay Area – corporate executives, start-up and growth company CEOs, investors, government agencies, and other players – from across all areas of resource innovation.
  • Get updates and align business activities and strategies with the County (Project Drawdown) and city climate action plans.
  • Update and engage business leaders and opinion makers on current news and look out at a short term forecast for the next 5 years in renewable energy, electrified transportation, smart buildings, micro grids and infrastructure.
  • ID and promote top opportunities for business to adopt and drive clean high ROI technologies and improve their competitive and market positions
  • Learn about and showcase local and regional innovators who can have major impacts and transform how we use energy, manage water and waste.
  • Offer a local, positive alternative to the negative divisiveness of the Trump Administration.

The Experience

Our Summit builds upon the successful model of last October’s Sustainable Enterprise Conference, where 300 business and community leaders and activists gathered for a day of learning, networking, deals, inspiration and activation.   In this CleanTech Summit, we give you a glimpse of the future, get you out of your everyday silos, provide a different perspective, connect disparate entities and individuals with each other, and help you find relevant innovations that are adjacent or altogether different industrial and technology areas.

Schedule: Friday, April 6, 2018, 9am-1pm

  • 9a: Sponsor showcase exhibition, networking, continental breakfast
  • 9a-12 Keynotes, up and coming companies and tech to watch, executive panels; Interactive breakout tracks on solutions, sectors, workshops; Networking breaks
  • 12p-1p: Lunch, keynote speaker

Who Should Attend

You can expect to meet corporate and investor representatives, large employer and government managers responsible for sustainability, entrepreneurs and disruptive start-ups, and other innovation leaders across Marin County, the North Bay and the overall Bay Area. Each is motivated to see today’s ‘state of the art’ in sustainable innovation and to gain insights on tomorrow.

  • Entrepreneurs: The start-ups and innovators on the front lines of sustainable innovation.
  • Corporate: Representatives from today’s leading corporate open innovation and venturing programs – those funding, incubating and partnering with innovation for strategic as well as financial return.
  • Financial Investors: Representatives from financial firms along with the angels and family offices looking to make a sustainable impact and financial return.
  • Innovation Leaders: The Marin ecosystem is completed with the presence of public sector officials and programs specialized in helping cleantech and resource innovation, and by lawyers and bankers, thinkers and innovation visionaries.

Expected Topical coverage:


Example of sessions may include:

  • Next Generation Mobility

Views on the intersection of mobility and where it will have the biggest impact and the most challenges – cities. The objectives are to engage in a dialogue around getting mobility solutions beyond pilots into commercial operations, while also addressing how the emerging business models and technology support the broader public good.

  • The Future is Bright, the Future is Electric

To what extent, and at what speed, might our transportation networks electrify? What are the detectable signals today that EV’s time has truly arrived? Where might an electric mobility future take us? These are some of the questions the executives of leading companies in the space will address through their different perspectives on the trend.

  • Financing Distributed Solar and Energy Efficiency

How do building owners and property managers measure the highest ROI on energy improvement  investments? What are best financing options: PACE, PPA’s, purchase, leasing, others?

  • Next Generation Innovations for Buildings

In search of the next generation of ideas and startups, we found some early-stage ideas and companies focused on building technologies. We showcase novel optics, next-gen glazing technologies, the “Bose of aircon,” and electrochemical CO2 removal for indoor air quality.

  • Company Showcase: Next Generation Innovations for the Solar Market

In search of the next generation of ideas and startups, we found some early-stage ideas and companies focused on solar technologies. In this showcase expect to hear about solutions that optimize and further professionalize existing solar installations, with other solutions to help further expand solar installations.